Mathilde Broberg, una joven danesa de 21 años, llegó a pesar 126 kilos por sus malos hábitos alimenticios y la falta de ejercicio en su vida cotidiana. Pero todo cambió cuando no pudo subir a una montaña rusa debido a su peso y decidió mejorar su estilo de vida.

De esta manera, abandonó las hamburguesas y los chocolates para empezar una dieta saludable. Además, le sumó un ingrediente extra ya que comenzó a ingerir una cucharita de café para "hacerle creer a mi organismo que estaba comiendo más de lo que realmente le estaba dando", recordó Broberg ante los medios locales luego de que sus fotos en la red social Instagram se volvieran virales, al mostrar semejante cambio. 

En la actualidad, luce un atractivo cuerpo y confiesa que: "Si me hubieran dicho hace tres años que sería entrenadora profesional y modelo, me habría reído”.


This is a result of a total lifestyle change �� You can reach your goals if you just start living a healthy life ONE day at a time! _ Take one step at a time and set small goals for yourself - maybe have a "gift" for yourself everytime you reach a new goal �� But don't stress into it. You're gonna reach your goals if you just stay thirsty for results. _ Your body needs to adapt the new lifestyle and, yes, that is a tough period because you will feel hunger in the beginning. After a few weeks you'll start to adapt smaller portions and less calories and feel full ❤️ It's not as hard as it might seem, trust me - and you'll be SO happy if you stick with your new lifestyle �� _ Just think about this: _ "Where will I be if in 1 year if I started a new lifestyle by tomorrow? How far can I get? If I lost 1-2 lbs (0.5-1kg) per week?" _ I lost around 40 kg (78lbs-ish?) in the first year �� So don't waste anymore time and start your new life as soon as possible - it's gonna be the best decision you'll ever made ���� Just remember to take ONE day at a time �� Don't forget. _ I was 15 on the photo on the left and weighted 125kg. And the right photo is from my 22th birthday being at 67kg. I've kept the weight off for around 3-4 years now. It's all about the lifestyle baby. You can do it if I can do it, trust me!! _ _ _ _ _ _ #weightlossstory#motivation#reachedmygoal#fedttab#transformation#beforeandafter#glowup#sameperson#transformationthursday#weightlosscoach#weightlossmotivation#vægttab#vægttabsinspiration#vægttabsrejse#livsstilsændring#healthylifestyle#youcandoit#fitnessmotivation#fitnessgirl

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Never quit or give up! 2011 vs 2017 - Lost 140 lbs/63kilo on my own with NO weight loss surgery READ BELOW �� _ You have to make small goals for yourself- take one day at a time, don't give up and you'll see the results after a short time as long as you remember NOT to give up or "fall in" ���� If you truly want to lose weight you'll be able to stay focused and determined ���� You just gotta stay strong and don't look back ���� Determination is key guys! _ ����Ask yourself: "What if I lost 1 lbs every 10th day or every week? Where will I be in one year if I start today?" _ By telling myself that I stayed motivated - So don't quit because "you think it doesn't matter anyways..." Because it does. It will not happen overnight, and it's a lifestyle you have to maintain. However, you'll be able to live more 'relaxed' when you've reached your goal. _ Stay focused and remember your goals - they're not that far away if only you keep pushing! _ How I started was basically just from one day to another - I had enough! So that must have been what kept me going. And trust me; I've failed MANY times before trying to lose weight, but in 2012 I simply had enough and I've never looked back! _ I went from 268lbs (120kg) or even more to 125lbs (57kg) - and now I'm around 146lbs (68kg) ❤️ I'm 5'9/176cm. If you're looking for more about my weightloss story and how I did, go to my Instagram and read my posts! _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ #personaltrainer #weightlossgoals #weightlossjourney #weightlossmotivation #fitnessmotivation #gymmotivation #motivationalspeaker #motivation #youcandoit #pushyourself #vægttab #vægttabsinspiration #lifestylechange #lifestyleblogger #healthylifestyle #beforeandafter #beforeandafterweightloss #transformation #transformationtuesday #weightlossinspiration #weightlossresults #personligtræner

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Do you want to make a transformation like this one day? You just have to stop making excuses for yourself and stay focused �� Oh... And keep striking bad poses ���� haha _ Do you wanna struggle the life you're living now? Or struggle for at better one? All it takes is to reduce your food intake (calories) and become much more active ☝��️ Take notes! _ I would recommend you to eat around 1500 kcal every day with high focus on protein (2g pr kg/bodyweight) - If you're 80kg you need to consume 160g proteins. I always eat protein-stuff if I have cravings ☝��️ Eat 50g of fat (avocado, nuts, cheese.....) stay healthy with your fat!! Very important Avoid pasta and bread at any time. It worked for me + I'm not good with gluten anywayyyysss. Try to stay away from carbs in the first 6 weeks and slowly add A LITTLE carbs to your diet (rice, potatoes....) Just eat the good complex carbs and nutritious carbs. _ And most important YOUR SERVING SIZE. Eat ONE small serving pr meal. Eat slowly. _ Focus around your veggies ����: Broccoli, kale, cauliflower, carrots, sprouts, cabbage .... _ Proteins: Lean meat, chicken, turkey, salmon, white fish, lean pork meat ������ but also: Nuts, eggs, Greek yogurt, cheese (low fat), cottage cheese, veggies, seeds, beans ����... _ Get UP and become ACTIVE! You don't need to go the gym to shred a lot of pounds off.. Be active - dance around, walk a lot(!!), go for a swim, ride your bike. Just get up ���� And never look back, just keep on living! _ You can achieve this if you really really want it. I had enough of that lifestyle and the way I felt trapped in my own body to live the life I wanted. And I just kept fighting and I've been under 75kg for 3,5 years after 17 years of being 'the fat one'. Aaaaand I'm still good at the duckface �� _ It IS a struggle and it IS tough but you'll never reach your goals if you keep giving up. I had to start at one point as well. My secret is just to have had enough. You just have to want it enough and be ready for a total lifestyle changes that's gonna stick around forever. _ #motivational

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